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FitnessZone® is the premier fitness superstore on the Internet for Kettlebells and Kettlebell Racks.. We carry a wide selection of top quality Kettlebells and Kettlebell accessories. The FitnessZone® superstore offers a large selection of Kettlebells for all of your personal fitness goals.

Kettlebells have become one of the most popular trends on the health club scene. On any given day, you can see everyone from housewives to celebrities to business executives or professional athletes and trainers performing the most advanced kettlebell routines with perfect form. Now thanks to Body-Solid, you can enjoy the many benefits of kettle bell training in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Kettlebells are cast iron weights, which resemble a cannonball with a handle. A legendary Russian exercise device, the kettle bell has long been a favorite for those seeking a special edge in strength and endurance. Kettlebell training develops strength, power, endurance and balance. Kettlebell workouts have long been a favorite of throwers, jumpers, sprinters and hurdlers. You can perform squats, pulls, overhead throws and rotational training plus much more. Kettlebell workouts are famous for burning fat for fun as a combination of their calorific cost and increasing lean muscle mass, while building better balance and grace.

If you choose to embrace that new found proportion and power to look like Achilles and Aphrodite in the flesh – you will find the time-efficient and super-effective Kettlebell impossible to beat as a single package.

As discussed in the benefits of Kettlebell training, the Kettlebell is an inexpensive and convenient alternative to a commercial gym. Very little room is required to actually exercise with a Kettlebell and being easily stored and transported.

The mental stresses and anxieties of our hectic modern lives often manifests themselves physically in the form of high blood pressure, migraines, ulcers and even heart attacks.

Stress can be seen as daily wear and tear on our very existence and its effects depend upon our ability to reduce its accumulation – and exercise provides the key to releasing stress.

Resistance training is one of the very best ways to relieve tension in both the muscles and mind whilst promoting a feeling of well-being in the body, especially with the almost primitive manner in which Kettlebells can be employed.

Our bodies tend to produce less of the vital human growth hormone (HGH) as we age, particularly after we reach fifty years old, and it is HGH that helps to burn fat and build muscle, whilst raising our metabolism and improving the ratio of good to bad cholesterol in our blood. Other related HGH benefits include a better functioning immune system, quicker healing, higher sex drive and reduced risk of heart disease. The body’s production of HGH is directly related to the intensity of the exercise to which it is subjected; enter the Kettlebell and the Kettlebell Bible Ethos!

The nature of the Kettlebell exercises provides the best form of functional strength building without “heavy” weights equipment, which is ideal for improving and maintaining muscular strength, flexibility and bone density in older persons, thus the Kettlebell can improve both the quality and longevity of life as we progress past middle age.


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